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www.WealthSharingSystem.com is proud to introduce the token (ETHWSS), Wealth Sharing Systems is designed to produce wealth using Blockchain, Crypto (Bitcoin) and provably fair technology. Create Wealth via masses using fractional value amounts, making it viable for global poor to utilize using Bitcoin and WSS tokens. Initial investment into WSS platform concept began in March, 2014, the initial capital investment was provided by founders.

Efficiently produce a new class system globally, made up of newly minted Lower Middle Class, Middle Class, Upper Middle Class, Millionaire Class, and Billionaires. WSS is revolutionary technology; crypto based fractional ticket pools system, competitive ticket prices. WSS value is its capacity to produce new wealth every minute, every hour, every day, and year by year

Give me you’re tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, join the wealth creation revolution. wealthsharingsystems.com


Problem & Solution

Income inequality, Create efficient means to generate wealth to the masses.

Wealth Sharing Systems Technology, using cryptography and crowd pool technology, we created an efficient solution to a global problem of poverty. Technology designed to produce a new global wealth class, using fractional crypto pool technology. This means for a small amount of crypto token, select players will win wealth efficiently, transparently, and provably fair, without corruption and inequality.

Wealth Sharing Systems Technology, using cryptography and crowd pool technology, we created an efficient solution to a global problem of poverty. Technology designed to produce a new global wealth class, using fractional crypto pool technology. This means for a small amount of crypto token, select players will win wealth efficiently, transparently, and provably fair, without corruption and inequality.


Ultra Rich

For players with more capital, pools designed to produce Millionaires, High-Net worth Millionaires, Ultra-High-Net worth Millionaires and Billionaires. Capitalism promised us these opportunities, but has not produced enough fast enough. Why should only the ultra one-percent (1%) Monopoly, the oligarchs, get to be ultra wealthy? Why should they have control over where money flows? Can new economies not be created?

The Founders believe the World should have an efficient system, that’s provably fair wealth sharing technology that can level the playing field.

A person man or woman who has nothing, becomes extremely wealthy, they have different views on money. The Founders believe that when new wealth is created and spreads to more people as communities benefit as new money tends to invest in their local communities.

Our focus is to expand into financial offshore services as winners grow, we hope to build a powerful community, brokerage, ATM Cards, licensed crypto exchange in Estonia, licensed crypto bank in Switzerland, servicing winners from most nations in investments to build on their wealth.

One system, all persons equal, provably fair WSS is capable of creating a new society of wealth, through crypto technology. Initial coin launch on WSS platform is in Bitcoin, followed by Ethereum (ETHWSS), Tron (TRONWSS), Litecoin with additional top ten (10) most liquid crypto’s globally to be added.

ETHWSS patent pending technology,* designed to create a new global class system of new wealth of new classes of Lower, Middle, Upper Class, Ultra High Net Worth via WSS wealth creation. WSS uses simplified and standardized data, fixed odd systems, crypto tokens, blockchain technology and MoneyPools technology. We provide user-friendly, efficient, transparent and secure crypto wealth redistribution solution, with a focus globally on all markets* in thirty one (31) languages global population of world.


WSS Vision

Our vision, create wealth and create digital economy using P2P software and applications.

An economy based on sound finance, with tentacles into peer to peer lending, licensed finance/exchanges, licensed crypto friendly banking, software for trade/markets, job creation and wealth generation through business to consumer and business to business.

Censorship free technology for Communications, Social Networks, Transport, Entertainment/Cuisine, Gaming and Social are all part of the future WSS network.


Initial Release of Technology

WSS developed a Wealth Redistribution System that Incorporates Full Access to Blockchain Technologies.

WSS has developed a state-of-the-art wealth redistribution system. Users can securely and reliably, take a chance at accumulating wealth, with efficient and transparent payouts. Fast, efficient, fully transparent, highly secure, provably fair, crypto wealth redistribution platform. It includes guaranteed crypto-currency payments and payout integration, with a fully implemented provable fair open source encrypted digital arbitration system.

Our aims to integrate crypto based assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem, which will make this industry truly efficient, transparent, and reliable. This may by-pass the need for fiat currency for transactions creating a global marketplace.

Our system is based on pools of entry with each pool consisting of calculated and fixed odds with life changing payouts.


Transparency and Trust

The system is transparent with an accredited encrypted open source PHP based random number generator. All pools and the progression of each can be followed live on the website. WSS combines crypto assets to create a pool based system of wealth creation. Each individual can choose the level of risk and the amount they choose to chance, based on the pool size you enter. Wealth generation will commence and will repeat as the concept has no expiration date.


Affiliate Based Profits

Our founders detest poverty and believe that an idea for WSS came up in a strategy meeting in 2014. Cryptography had just taken off; most people still did not even know what a Bitcoin was yet. An idea; lets redistribute wealth using cryptography and our proprietary technology. The Founders wanted to change the way society evolved financially using cryptography, as current socialist models have failed, yet at the same time capitalistic societies, have exposed their wealth to debt backed by nothing, while very slowly producing new upper middle classes or high net worth. Majority of the population growth is stagnant and less and less control the wealth.

For this to take place, WSS needs the masses to sign up and recruit affiliates globally, which spreads the wealth and creates new wealth and new opportunities.

When it's big enough, let's say one Billion €1,000,000,000) big, Commissions earnings rise accordingly to ticket price and game win. With payouts of (2%) two percent for every ticket sold and twenty-five percentage (25%) of operators net for every win in your favor! That is not all you earn (0.5%) a half percent of all ticket sold and five (5%) of the net profits of operator on wins that your sign ups recruit.

  • No sign up fees
  • No account suspensions
  • Instant pay outs with no minimums, coin out instantly
  • Clients for life
  • Commissions for life
  • Players from entire Globe welcomed.
  • Top 100 affiliates get bonus profits at end of year
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    Ease of payment and the payout with crypto token. Payouts are immediate and can be transferred to any crypto wallet the individual participator designates. We also offer crypto banking and wallets for the individual participatators who are the recipients of the pool proceeds for safe keeping or for as permanent deposits to be spent at the individual participatators discretion.




    WSS Platform combines crypto assets to create a pool based system. Choose your level of risk on the pool size you enter. A system designed to fix poverty, create opportunity and change lives for today and the future. Create an independent crypto backed community.

    The day has come for the Wealth Sharing Systems (WSS Tokens & Coins Series) and its ecosystem. A community based on liked minds and ideals.

    The world financial system as we know it has failed. The world now holds over $322 Trillion dollars in debt, it will never be paid back. Historical money such as gold and silver, simply are not viable. We have come to a cross road, between modern economic theory and a new world, backed by technology. The day has come for a crypto based economy and ecosystem. Our goal is a new world, free of censorship, an end to the abuse of the monetary system, an end to exploitation. Censorship free technology for communications, social network, transport, entertainment/cuisine, gaming and social all functioning on WSS tokens and Bitcoin.

    Our vision, create wealth and create a digital economy at the same time using P2P software and applications with our WSS token as form of payment.


    Finance and Job Creation

    An economy based on sound finance, peer to peer lending, licensed finance/exchanges -Estonia, licensed crypto friendly banking - Switzerland, software for trade/markets, job creation and wealth generation through business to consumer and business to business.

    An economy built on trust, an economy, separated from the fiat failure. A hedge and future on life and liberty, a veritable New World Order is upon us. A new world of finance, a dream, is coming to reality.

    Join us, support us, be one of us, change the world as we know it, together we stand.


    A Open Platform for our Participators

    Wealth Sharing Systems was designed to be an efficient redistribution of wealth. Players are given fixed odds, with guaranteed winners in every game as fast as possible. Wealth Share is a transparent system that’s provably fair and secure. Wealth today is almost impossible to gain, most countries in the world the majority of population are in poverty. Wealth Share Technology, allows players from all over the world to win large sums of money for small ticket fees. Using crypto technology we are able to transfer wealth globally. Our goal is to change people’s lives, one winner at a time as games are designed to share wealth. No matter what, once game pool is filled winners are chosen and paid. Unlike many other online gaming systems, Wealth Share is designed to pay out, not take in. Help us change the world with Wealth Share 21st Century Fintec platform. Sign up now, create account become an affiliate, potentially win a small fortune. With a large enough playing pool daily, Wealth Share can produce more millionaires a year than most countries in a decade.

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  • Block.IO
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  • WSS Token

    Breakdown of our Coin Recipients.

    Coin Name

    ETHWSS Coin

    Tickers / Symbol


    Total Supply

    100,000,000 WSS




    ETHWSS Coin is developing a global data-driven platform for the world. Powered by blockchain and smart contracts.


    We are actively trading on the following Decentralized Exchanges.

    Bamboo Relay
    Coin Jar


    You can Send Receive WSS using the follwing wallet.

    MEW Connect
    Atomic Wallet
    Coinbase Wallet


    With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.


    Please check out our question and answer area that might help you.

    What is ETHWSS Token?

    ETHWSS Token (WSS) is an ERC20 Token created on Ethereum Blockchain.

    You can purchased Coin with Etherum, Bitcoin or Litecoin.

    You can purchase WSS from our listed Decentralized Exchnages or directly from our WSS Sale Portal by creating an account using your personal email id.

    Taking part on ICO always ensure good Return Over Investment (ROI). So for WSS ICO is just like an opportunity. Don't miss WSS ICO.

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